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Here's my latest technical director showreel from late in 2011. Please feel free to contact me for any freelance services or consulting needs. Visit my about me page for more details. These spots are in HD so watch them full screen if you can.



This was the first spot we did for Tetra Pak. I talk about some of the particle effects in this journal entry.

This was the first spot for Koodos.  Internally, we called this one "Launch".

The second of the three first spots for Koodos.  This one was internally called "Compact" since he spends much of this spot looking in the compact's mirror.

Finally the third of the first three spots. "Couch".  PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE BABIES? JACKPOT!

This was the first Apple Jacks spot I did entitled "Big Apple".  We shot in downtown Portland and made it look like New York.  Check out the shot of the sign post.  It's 100% CG.

This spot was called "Glider".  The two make paper airplanes and fly from the Seattle space needle down to a bowl to get some cereal.

A spot I worked on for Scott.  I supervised everything but focused on the start and the "strata cut" section.


An spot for Quaker Chewy bars that are peanut free.

A chocolate test I worked on.  Simulated with Real Flow.

A short I did for Christmas one year.