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Save your Valentines Day with a Romantic French Film

Ok, Valentines Day was yesterday and maybe you blew it.  Maybe you bought her chocolates and ate all of them, or maybe you jusrt picked the neighbors flowers before walking in the door.  Either way, this will save you.  Get this movie Priceless and watch it with your girl friend. She'll love you for it. 

  1. She'll be impressed becasue it's a French film.  
  2. Chicks get hot when reading sub-titles.  I swear, It's true.  I read it somewhere.
  3. It's really a good movie.  Funny and charming.
  4. The actress (AudreyTautou) in it is Hot as hell!  She playes Amelie in Jean Pierre Jeunet's Amelie . (Which is one of the best films of all time.) So you'll enjoy it too.

Good luck, hope you score one for me.

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