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RED Epic-X Arrives

We got our new RED Epic-X cameras today. (Sorry for the crappy iPhone photos.) The camera head is so small it fits in a case smaller than a lunch box.  The menus are all supposed to be on the screen for quick changes to the camera settings. (The Red one had this little joystick which tended to loosen and fall off)  It's all stored on solid state chips and it has a high dynamic range feature called HDR-X which givs you even more latitude.  And did I mention is captures 5K resolution?

I know it seems lame to get excited about a camera, but digital filmaking has been taking leaps and bounds over the past few years and I think RED has been a big part in driving the prices down and technology up. 

Now that I've learned Nuke, I'm excited to do some tests with the Epic-X's HDRX technology and high speed cpabilities.  After I'm done working on this TV show in December, I'll try to do some tests and post my findings.

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