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Get Blog Notifications Directly in 3dsmax Interface

I just learned how to get updates from an RSS feed directly inside 3dsmax.  This is great for any of you who live in 3dsmax all day long and want to get notified when I post a new article. And, it makes use of that stupid little notification toolbar that never seems to tell me anything useful in the first place. (Maybe)

Setting up RSS Feeds in 3dsmax


 Start by getting to the Info Center Settings.  Do this by clicking the favorite star icon, and then clicking the settings button in the top right corner of the window. 



Once you see the main options window, click on RSS Feeds and then click the Add button. From there, add my rss url and click add.  After a few seconds, a confirmation window will appear and your done.  I just added myself to mine.  Let's see if I get notification of this posting.

Heres the RSS feed for my journal  ´╗┐

After it's done, click the little radar dish to see the different RSS feeds you've added.


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