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Deep Green - Solutions to Stop Global Warming Now


Deep Green is a film we worked on here at Bent Image Lab.  We did 2 animated shorts for it along with the animated cloud chapter markers. One was all done in After Effects, and the other was a mix of After Effects and 3D.  I supervised that particular production.  Also, we did these animated faces in the clouds as chapter markers.  Besides all that, the film was very informative and I encourage everyone to watch it.  

I was able to meet the filmaker, Mathew Briggs, a simple mushroom farmer from Portland. The idea that he got financing for this film to spread the word about global warming and possible solutions is amazing. Im posting this since I want everyone to buy this film and watch it.  It might just make you turn off the faucet more often or turn down your thermostat 1 degree. But from what I learned, that's a start.

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